Thursday, 22 December 2011

Last chance pig-out time!

The past month or two has seen some serious deviations from my supposedly healthy lifestyle. Along with having weeks off exercising because of a nagging virus, I've sampled some of the best mince pies around (Daylesford Organic and the Old Farmhouse Bakery in Steventon definitely topped my list), warmed my spirits drinking some amazingly lovely Gl├╝hwein on a quick visit to see friends in Germany and I've been thoroughly enjoying myself eating all the rich lovely food at christmas parties... Top that off with an amazing weekend at a Michelin starred restaurant/hotel in the Cotswolds for my partners birthday and you can see why I'm feeling pretty stuffed! And all of this is before heading down to Dorset this weekend to be spoiled rotten with the mother of all feasts christmas itself.

To be fair, I've managed the occasional run out in the cold with gloves and hat on, but nowhere near as much as I was doing in summer, and certainly not enough to counter all the extra calories, even if shopping for hours and hours is good exercise! But I keep reminding myself that this is actually my last chance pig-out before the new year because starting in a week or two all the extra weight should be gradually dropping off.

No, it's not a miracle weight loss technique (or maybe it is, depending on how you look at it) - it's just exercise! Starting in the new year I'll be training for my first half marathon - the Reading Half Marathon on 1st April 2012. Just before you think I'm crazy, this isn't an unreasonable new years resolution, I signed up for it ages ago and have been running pretty consistently for about 9 months - and was up to comfortably running 15km for my long weekend runs until a virus hit me back in October.

At this stage my aim is just to complete the 13.1 miles and if I end up with a reasonable time then all the better. I've still not decided whether to fundraise for charity but suspect I won't this time around - as most people I know are constantly bombarded with similar requests from people fundraising and I know they all donate generously to charity anyway. So I'd prefer your messages of support!

That means this blog might get a little neglected until after April but in the meantime I'll be keeping a blog about my experience during training and about running the half marathon. Come and have a look!