Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Proton love: a valentines day poem

This morning on twitter did appear
An equation for making a heart!
My eyes lit up and I had an idea;
What wonderful, accelerator art!

And so into a 4 MeV accelerator design
I put 629 shiny red protons
Yes, I placed my heart at a single point in time
By (cos(100*x)*sqrt(cos(x))+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x^2)^0.01

Now on my computer I said the words
opal ffag-tracking.in --commlib mpi (romantics, that's one to learn!)
and physics was set to work
to track these lovely particles around one turn
(of a 4MeV fixed field proton accelerator)

Now my heart was relatively intact
by such a short journey through space and time
so I decided to keep going and continue my quest
around this accelerator so fine...

By fifty turns there was some distortion
But in relationships, we need to give and take
So let's go again my dear, another portion
By the way: I promise this is not fake!

After a hundred turns I'm sad to say
My heart looked a bit of a mess
But hopefully it will make your day
Seeing this little valentines jest

Happy valentines day everyone. 
Suzie xx

P.S. Thanks to @standupmaths for the equation and for the words of encouragement ("do it do it do it do it do it" - to be exact)


  1. Suzie that is fricking amazing. So very impressed.

    1. Thanks Ben, it's been pretty popular on twitter today! (Only took a few minutes and was testing out the 'distribution' settings in my code - it kind-of resembled real work...)

  2. Math, poetry and graphs all wove into one ... leading to dissolution and heart break --

    But yes all quite amazing.

    Thank you! :)