Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Conference season is upon me!

Over the past few weeks I've been working hard preparing a paper and poster for an upcoming workshop (a small conference) in Beijing. The workshop has a hilariously long name, it's called "The 52nd ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop in High-Intensity and High-Brightness Hadron Beams"- but those of us in the know just call it "HB" or "HB2012" for this years one. It happens every two years and is the place to discuss accelerators that deal with every intense proton beams - which is really relevant to my current research.

With the hard prep work almost done, I can't wait to visit China for the first time! I'm all ready to go with my flights, visa, and my Wallpaper city guide to the best funky spots to eat and cool places to go. I'm slightly worried I won't have any time to see major sights though - as I'm really flying-in and flying-out, I don't have a spare day at all! I'm hoping to sneak in an afternoon to visit the Great Wall and maybe see some other sights in the evenings.

For the first time on this trip I'm going to try something new - I'm going to write up each day of the conference as I experience it here on my blog - from interesting new developments, people I meet and if you're lucky some of the crazy food we get to eat.

I'm hoping it might serve as a glimpse into the world of "what scientists do" as well as a place for me to keep track of interesting new research directions in the field. If it goes well, I'll blog my trip to Japan in November as well.

I arrive in China on Sunday - so watch this space!

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