Welcome to 'High Heels in the Lab'.

Who writes this blog?
I'm a female physicist, I finished my PhD in 2010 and am lucky enough to still be doing the research I enjoy. This is my space to vent frustrations, have a rant about something or generally just share my thoughts with the world. Many of my posts will be about women in science, progressing through academia and the highs and lows of being a research scientist.

What's with the name?
Before anyone attacks me for promoting inappropriate and unsafe footwear in a work environment, let me explain! The name of the blog simply reflects that I am a woman working in a very male dominated environment. Also, I own quite a ridiculous number of pairs of shoes. A lot of those are high heels. I don't get to wear them very often as wandering around at work all day in them would probably do permanent damage to my feet, but just occasionally I'll manage to get a chance to wear some of my collection. Wanting to wear nice shoes and clothes is neither a 'requirement' of being a woman, but nor is it unusual for a woman (even a 'sciency' woman, whatever that is).

I happen to like looking nice - this makes me neither better nor worse at doing science. I don't do it to attract men, to further my career or to intimidate anyone. What I wear is my choice. Respect that, and think before you judge.

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  1. You present an interesting perspective. As a male physics Ph.D involved in heavy ion therapy, I find your information and opinions closely parallel my own. I have been looking at FFAG's for about five years, since realizing that even the Novosibirsk designed synchrotron is less than ideal, especially if I want to exceed 400MeV/n for deep seated central axis tumors. Keep uo the good work